The Perinatal Program

The Perinatal Program at Action Wellness provides medical case management to pregnant women living with chronic illness. Perinatal Medical Case Managers (PMCMs) are trained in the specific needs of pregnant women and are available for any pregnant client regardless of where she receives care. PMCMs work with clients throughout their pregnancy and up to 12 months postpartum.

Family & Perinatal services

Family & Perinatal services include:

  • Medical/medication adherence and client readiness assessments
  • CD4 and viral load monitoring (as it relates to reducing the risk of mother-to-child (MTC) transmission)
  • Safety and intimate partner violence screenings
  • Linkage to medical insurance for the mother and infant
  • Referrals for baby equipment/clothing
  • Education on formula feeding
  • Linkage to pediatric HIV Specialists
  • Postpartum education on AZT for the baby  
  • Risk reduction counseling

For program eligibility or additional information please contact Perinatal Services by phone at (215) 586-7602 or click here to email.

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