Volunteer Anniversary Milestones

The work done by Action Wellness has always relied on the efforts of our volunteers to support our clients. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to celebrate with our volunteers in person. This page honors our volunteers who are celebrating milestone anniversaries with Action Wellness.

Five Years

“This is a surprise that I couldn’t have imagined when I decided to become a volunteer for Action Wellness. I remember when the agency was known as ActionAIDS back in the early nineties, but has seen the tremendous growth and development it’s made since then to include services for chronic illnesses. I have to note that this all started when I was taken to dinner by my partner during Dining Out for Life for the first time and was further inspired by the staff and others who came to give their support for the event. I knew that I wanted to help out and volunteer as an ambassador for the annual fundraising event. That was the beginning of my journey to date. It’s been an honor to be of help in any way that I have been able to and look forward to continuing to be of service in the future. It started with the food and has turned into a way of giving back to the community.”Linwood M.

“Volunteering for the action wellness Buddy Program, Immediate Seating and Greeter Services has been an honor and pleasure for me to give back to an organization that’s helped so many of my friends with chronic illnesses. Giving back helps me to stay centered as a person. I love to help and serve the people I meet each day at action wellness.”John T.


“The best part of volunteering with Action Wellness was learning about the experiences of my Buddy. We really developed a partnership that led to friendship and I’m so thankful for that.”Jay L.

“I volunteer with Action Wellness because I believe in the importance of emotional and social support to individuals living with a chronic illness. I think it could be a significant source of stress and unease to not have someone safe to talk to and who knows about your illness.” – Agata P.

 Not Pictured:

Adam C.

Alicia B.

Ten Years

“Volunteering with Action Wellness has been a real joy for me. Teaching and practicing yoga and meditation with the caseworkers over several years, I found my own practice deepening. It was very satisfying to see us emerge from the practice with shining faces, more relaxed than when we started and certainly more flexible in body and mind. I am deeply appreciative of this opportunity to volunteer for Action Wellness.”Deepa A.

“It is my pleasure, honor and privilege to volunteer, support and to be an Action Wellness Board Member. I am reminded of a quote, which seems to speak of my volunteerism: ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’ We all need to count the many blessings we often seem to forget or take for granted. It is then our responsibility to care for those who need respect, compassion, dignity and support. I feel in my own little way, I am doing that with an amazing Executive Director in Kevin Burns and the phenomenal team of associates at Action Wellness.”John B.  


“Becoming a Buddy Volunteer has become one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I have always wanted to serve my community, particularly those that were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, after watching so many of my friends pass away, many who have passed away alone with no one there. Being a Buddy Volunteer allows me to play a small part in someone’s life to make sure that they are not alone. The one thing that I have learned through my current Buddy is that most times, He just needs someone to listen with compassion and not be fake about it. I have become a better person for this experience.”Scott B.


“I’m grateful for being a part of an organization that helps so many people and as long as l live and can walk I’ll volunteer until my dying day thanks Action Wellness for allowing me to take part. I’m truly honored to be a part of a mission that’s helpful to so many people. This is the best experience I’ve had in my life serving and being appreciated as a Volunteer. I would like to thank Action Wellness for allowing me to be a part of its organization.”Stephanie A.

 Not Pictured:

“Ten years ago, when I was looking for a place to volunteer, I chose Action Wellness (formerly Action AIDS) because the organization supports the many needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS. I volunteer as a Buddy because I want my client to know that she always has someone there: to talk to whether she is happy or sad, rely on to answer questions (or help to find answers), to go for coffee, pick up prescriptions or go to a doctor’s appointment. Volunteering is one small way I can share the love that God has for us.”Deborah G.

Daniel P. 

Fifteen Years

“Volunteering in any capacity has been instilled in me since childhood. I believe that it’s a selfless and compassionate act of service. I volunteer to give back to my community and in return, I feel so much more connected because I am a part of something great than myself. I have met so many amazing people that became friends while I have been with Action Wellness over the years. And now, many of my friends are now my extended family through Action Wellness. When Action Wellness was still ActionAIDS, I was very passionate about helping people with HIV/AIDS and have expanded my volunteer interests to other positions within this agency over the years as a team facilitator and administrator. I’m proud to be a volunteer with Action Wellness because I believe in their cause and mission.”Joy G.

“During my marriage I was forbidden to talk about my HIV status. Then one day I realized I am finally out of this emotionally abusive relationship but I am still hiding away depressed at home. I went online searching for groups to become a part of and found the buddy program. During buddy training I met the speakers that were invited to share their stories and I knew I would no longer be silent. The rest is history. I am so thankful that Ron and Jay allowed me to become one of their speakers. They have said it helps their buddies to hear the stories of those living with HIV, but it has helped me to come out of this shell and this place of solitude. Speaking has given me purpose. When I hear the stories of others it gives me determination that I will never be silent again. Volunteering gave me the courage to write my book. I am in the process of republishing my book with an additional chapter that will be free for anyone that has purchased my book. I wrote this book to help others. I became a volunteer to help others. But without question becoming a volunteer has helped me in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. Thank you Action Wellness for this honor. I know what you are thinking. Darlene was silent? I know it’s hard to believe right!!”Darlene K.


“My mom is a pediatric Hemophilia nurse and as a child of the 80s, I was a witness to the horrors of the AIDS crisis. My mother was regularly attending funerals for patients and taught me and my siblings about HIV and AIDS despite our young age. When I learned about the buddy program and the mission to make sure no one faces AIDS alone, I immediately thought about my mother and how that seemed to be her personal mission in the 80s and 90s and thought I could honor her and the patients she lost by continuing in the effort to fight AIDS. And now here I am, 15 years later :)”Meg B.

Not Pictured:

Matthew F.

Twenty Years

Not Pictured:

Fred K.

 Twenty Five Years

“I got introduced to Action Wellness (formerly Action Aids) through the company I worked for at the time. I learned of volunteer opportunities with the agency, and it aligned with my goal of being more involved with people living with chronic illnesses and my commitment to be a mentor. As the agency has grown so have I. I look forward to many more years with Action Wellness.”John D.

 Thirty Years

Jon G.





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