Immediate Seating

What is the Immediate Seating Program?

Immediate Seating is a volunteer-run complimentary ticket program for all of our clients. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy theater, film, dance, concerts, museums, and a myriad of special events at no cost to them.

The Immediate Seating Program is a complimentary ticket program made possible by local organizations and venues throughout Philadelphia, that donate tickets for our clients’ use. In order for all ticket users of an event to enjoy these performances, it is expected that those who reserve tickets, attend the event and exhibit proper behavior while at these venues. Ticket holders should always be courteous and respectful of both staff and other patrons while attending.  Please do not engage in any disruptive activity. Be observant of all venue rules regarding eating or drinking on the premises. Anyone not complying with these rules at any entertainment venue, will not be permitted to reserve future tickets from Immediate Seating.

Safety requirements, such as mandatory masking, may apply at venues and at Action Wellness offices.

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