Friends for Life

Since 1991, Action Wellness has shown our appreciation for individuals who, through their work, vision, and philanthropy have made a real difference in the lives of people living with HIV and other chronic illnesses. We recognize them by giving them our highest honor: the Friend for Life Award.

Our Friends for Life embody our mission that no one should face HIV or chronic illness alone. They have given Action Wellness a significant amount of additional resources, whether through a financial donation, a gift of time, or a gift of talent. These extraordinary individuals change the world we live in for the better, and we could not be more grateful for them.

Friends for Life Honorees

1991   Frederick Haas 2001     Murphy Smith
Christopher Teti
2011     Bob Schoenberg
Anna Forbes
James Littrell
1992     Patricia Kind 2002   Karl Krumholz 2013   Patricia Bass
1993     Paul Arcure 2003   The Geiger Family 2014   John C. Butts
John M. Loesch
1994     Bill Roberts
Jesse Milan Jr.
2004   Adele Stein 2016 Matt Flynn
Randi Sirkin
1995     James H. Bryson 2005   Mike Spangler
Barbara Rice
2017   Leah Chaplin
Jeanette Scott Gillison
Ken Kleinman
1996     John Horton 2006   Ennes Littrell
Dolph Simons
Samuel Silver
2018   Jeff Alexander
James Dougherty
1997     Dennis P. Green 2007   Patricia Wisch 2019   Tom Kehoe
Terry McNally
Vai Sikahema
1998     Kate Maskar 2008   John Cella 2020   Ron Hoskins
1999     Eileen Plato
Carmen Traviglini
2009   Stephen Starr
Tim Mahoney
2000    Sara Fischer
Bertha Nash
2010   Ted Allen
Julie Drizen