World AIDS Day: Action Heroes Wear Red!

Action Heroes Wear Red!

How to be an Action Hero

Every year since 1988, Action Wellness has proudly recognized World AIDS Day.  World AIDS Day, held annually on December 1st, is the first ever global health day. This day is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against HIV and to commemorate those who have died from HIV/AIDS.

This year, Action Wellness invites you to join us in an awareness campaign for World AIDS Day that we are calling “Action Heroes Wear Red.” Your participation will shine a light on the continuing stigma, discrimination, and other injustices faced by people living with HIV disease locally and throughout the world. Here’s how you can become an Action Hero:

Step 1: Put on your favorite red clothing item!

Step 2: Make/download a sign or write a caption about why you’re wearing red for AIDS Awareness!

Step 3: Take a picture with your red gear and your sign (and don’t forget to sign the photo release here!

Step 4: Email the photo to Fae Ehsan at by November 28th, 2017.

As in previous years, Action Wellness will also continue its partnership with Philadelphia Gay News to produce a special World AIDS Day news supplement. Stay tuned for this year’s edition.  You can read the 2016 issue HERE!

For questions, concerns, or additional information about World AIDS Day, email

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