In December 2021, Gilead Sciences awarded Action Wellness a generous grant of $191,000 to develop and implement an emergency assistance pantry for vulnerable perinatal and postnatal women living with HIV and other serious chronic illnesses, in West Philadelphia.

In addition to food, clothing, and other basic family necessities, the Perinatal Nurturing Pantry at Action Wellness also provides short term medical case management including linkages to care and social services, housing stabilization assistance, and HIV/STI prevention education and resources such as (PrEP).  Assistance may also be available for primary caregivers.

Buildout of the new space was completed in March 2022, and since opening the doors, Action Wellness has helped to stabilize more than 60 vulnerable women and their families, providing emergency food, infant formula, clothing, furniture, and more.

Are you in need of basic necessities for yourself and/or your infant?  Do you need assistance with connecting to medical care, behavioral healthcare, and/or social services, please click the link below for more information about services available through Perinatal Services at Action Wellness

To learn more about the Perinatal Nurturing Pantry at Action Wellness or if you would like to make a gift to sustain our vital work, please contact Preference Butler, Grants Manager at