Statement on George Floyd & Ongoing Unrest

Action Wellness has always been committed to supporting our diverse community to ensure that everyone, regardless of race and gender, has equal access to the care and support needed to be healthy, strong individuals.

We, as an organization, are outraged by the death of George Floyd and the ongoing lack of appropriate response from the police, community officials and of the community in general.

Every day there are incidents that put our black and brown community member’s lives in danger. A danger that no member of our community should have to face. We stand committed as allies to our black and brown clients and colleagues and will continue to push for the change that needs to happen now.

As an organization we will also continue our work not only for our community member’s access to healthcare but their rights as citizens. We encourage all citizens to use their voices for change at the polls on June 2 and again on November 3.

Each member of our community matters. We support you during this terrible time and will continue to support our community until everyone’s voice is heard and no one lives in fear.

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