Kevin J Burns Retirement Luncheon

Kevin was honored June 14th at the Wanamaker Tea Room as hundreds of guests attended a fabulous luncheon and ceremony. Action Wellness would like to extend its sincerest thanks to all friends, family, peers and partners for attending and taking part in honoring our longtime Executive Director.

In honor of over 30 years of service, Kevin J Burns receives a citation from the City of Philadelphia for his commitment to care for those afflicted by HIV in the Philadelphia region. Pictured with Kevin representing the Philadelphia Mayors Office is Celena Morrison, Executive Director, Office of LGBT Affairs.

For decades, Kevin J Burns has committed his personal and professional life to the advancement of those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS here in the Philadelphia region. With three decades of experience, comes a plethora of moments that have helped shape ActionWellness and serve as a lasting legacy to the hard work and dedication he’s shown all these years.

Scroll further to view photos of the luncheon event.


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