Your Year End Gift Connects People

Action Wellness was founded in 1986 as ActionAIDS by a group of concerned volunteers who shared the belief that “No one should face AIDS alone.” These dedicated friends and family of those suffering and dying from HIV/AIDS were the foundation of our Buddy Program, which still thrives today. More than 200 Buddies volunteer 10,000+ hours annually to provide emotional support, companionship and practical assistance to their neighbors living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

Here are some instances of how our Buddies help. Vernon, who is 28 years old and lives in a health care facility where he is the youngest resident by 25 years, is able to go out to lunch with someone his age who listens to his concerns over living with HIV and hepatitis. Evelyn, 72 years old, has another lady friend to see a movie with, and recently enjoyed a café latte for the very first time. Wilson, new to Philadelphia and not knowing anyone here, can talk on the phone a couple of times a week with someone who is not just interested in his chronic illness, but who also makes him feel less isolated and forgotten by everyone.

Vernon, Evelyn, and Wilson need YOUR help, too.

Your donation to our year end fundraising appeal will help Action Wellness continue to connect dedicated volunteer Buddies with clients in need, and make a major impact on the lives of both Buddies and clients.
Our clients, our Buddies, and all of us at Action Wellness appreciate your generous support.

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