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Bryan came to Action Wellness at age 18, an HIV-positive father who had lost his mother and had just aged out of the foster care system. He was unable to care for himself and his infant son or to adhere to his HIV treatment, and he could not find a job while homeless.

When Bryan connected with Action Wellness he was living in a shelter. Our youth case manager immediately referred him to an AW housing specialist who arranged for Bryan and his son to move into Casa Nueva Vida, our supportive housing for homeless people living with HIV. Our medical case managers secured emergency aid funding to help Bryan get furniture for his new apartment, including a bed for his son.

Having stable housing allowed Bryan to find steady employment and to provide for his son. He could also finally pursue mental health care, and he attends therapy several times a week to help alleviate stress and anxiety.
Bryan is now able to focus on his future, which thanks to Action Wellness, is much brighter.
In addition to working and staying adherent to his HIV treatment, he is planning to enroll in college.

Because of Action Wellness, Bryan has developed a strong support network. From the youth case manager who initially connected him to services to the housing specialist who helped put a roof over his head and his Casa Nueva Vida neighbors, Bryan now has a caring group of people who are all rooting for him.

You can join Bryan’s support network by making a donation to Action Wellness. Your gift will allow Action Wellness to continue to run innovative and effective programs that help people like Bryan living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses in the Philadelphia area.

Thank you for your caring support!

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