ActionAIDS and other medical case management providers all across the country need your help!

The Health Resources Service Administration is seeking comments on proposed guidelines for the 340B Pharmacy Program. This proposal may eliminate medical case management providers – such as ActionAIDS and many other AIDS service organizations – from the program.

We oppose any proposal that would have this harmful effect on our programs for clients.

ActionAIDS and other AIDS service organizations use the savings from our 340B programs to provide crucial service that improve patient health for the underserved populations that the 340B Program was intended to help. At ActionAIDS, these services include:

  • Hiring additional medical case managers to meet current client caseloads
  • Expanding access to primary care for our clients, through our Annex West Clinic
  • Meeting the practical needs of our clients, who often have emergency needs for food, shelter, and clothing

Without the 340B Program revenue, we will be forced to reduce our services.

 We need your help now to urge our elected officials to help save this vital program.

To take action, click HERE.

Thank you for your support!